Review of Accredited Operator Schemes

Centre for Customs and Excise Studies


The Centre for Customs and Excise Studies have completed a research project on the review of Accredited operator Schemes commissioned by the Australian international trade and transport industry. The paper reviews the various types of ‘Accredited Operator’ (AO) schemes that are currently in use and identifies options for their application in Australia. In doing so, it has sought the views of industry and has focused on ways to maximise the relevance of such schemes, minimise compliance costs and ensure against the possible erosion of Australian industry’s competitive position in the global marketplace.

Governments throughout the world have for many years been developing and implementing initiatives that are designed to secure international supply chains from terrorist and other threats while facilitating legitimate trade. A number of these initiatives involve the accreditation of members of the international trading community that meet security and other regulatory requirements.

If your organisation would like to…

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