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A Review Paper on Effects of Different Intake #Manifold #Designs on #Diesel #Engine #Performance and #Emissions

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One of the objectives of car manufacturers is to improve engine performance, reduce consumption and reduce emissions. To achieve this objective, it is important to understand the phenomena involved in the combustion chambers of engines. There are various factors that influence the engine performance such as compression ratio, atomization of fuel, fuel injection pressure, and quality of fuel, combustion rate, air fuel ratio, intake temperature and pressure and also based on piston design, inlet manifold, and combustion chamber designs etc. Geometrical design of intake manifold is one such method for the better performance of an I.C. Engine. Air swirl motion in CI engine influences the atomization and distribution of fuel injected in the combustion chamber. Intake manifolds provides Air motion to the chamber. So, to get the maximum output with the least input on Diesel engine researchers are experimentally and computationally working on construction of the intake manifold configurations for increase in engine performance and reduction of Exhaust Emissions. In this paper i have studied few papers and also gone through basics of my topic from various books to understand the phenomena.

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IJSRD Call for Paper – January 2018

Call for Papers | IJSRD January 2018 Vol. 5 Issue 11

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Biosensor Based Women Security System using GSM and GPS


This project describes about women safety using GSM & GPS. A GSM technology is most probably used for location base service monitoring and calling facilities. Here we introduced a device which ensures the protection of women. This helps to identify to protect and called resources to help the one out of dangerous situation. Anytime you sense danger all you had to do is hold on the button of the device. These consist of an ATmega328 microcontroller, GSM module, GPS module, and biosensors. The biosensor used here is Heart rate sensor, BP sensor and pulse rate sensor. The system works as a normal device tracker which senses the location though GPS system and sends the location of the particular person to family and police.

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