IJSRD | High Speed Clustering Scheme for High Dimensional Data Streams

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Author(s): Sudeesh S, M. Suresh


Keywords: Clustering, Data Stream, High Dimensionality

This paper presents a novel high-speed clustering scheme for high dimensional data streams. Data stream clustering has gained importance in different applications, for example, in network monitoring, intrusion detection, and real-time sensing are few of those. High dimensional stream data is inherently more complex when used for clustering because the evolving nature of the stream data and high dimensionality make it non-trivial. In order to tackle this problem, projected subspace within the high dimensions and limited window sized data per unit of time are used for clustering purpose. We propose a High Speed and Dimensions data stream clustering scheme (HSD Stream) which employs exponential moving averages to reduce the size of the memory and speed up the processing of projected subspace data stream. The proposed algorithm has been tested against HDD Stream for cluster purity, memory usage, and the cluster sensitivity. Experimental results have been obtained for corrected KDD intrusion detection dataset. These results show that HSDStream outperforms the HDDStream in performance metrics, especially the memory usage and the processing speed.

Paper ID: IJSRDV5I10658
Published in IJSRD Volume : 5, Issue : 1, April 2017

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